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68 rue des Prieurés - 51530 Moussy

~~Restaurant : service de 12H à 14H00 et de 19H00 à 21h00
(Dernière prise de commandes)     (Last orders)
Restaurant ouvert tous les jours / Restaurant open every days
(Le restaurant fermé le dimanche soir d’Octobre à Avril)
From October to April, the restaurant is closed on Sunday Evenings)
Nos Menus : Menu du Jour 2 plats au choix: 14.00 €
   Menu du Jour 3 plats aux choix : 17.00 €
                            Servi du Lundi au Vendredi midi

Formule Enfant jusque 12 ans : 12 € avec une boisson

Menu Coup de Cœur : 26 € 
 Menu Terroir (1 entrée)  33 €    (2 entrées) 40 €
Menu Nabuchodonosor (1 entrée) 45€ (2 entrées) 55 €
Tous nos plats sont disponibles à la carte
(All dishes are available « à la carte »)
 Hôtel : Accueil téléphonique 24H/24H.
1 Lit 1 personne (90X190) Douche et WC       TEL  TV      WIFI                64 €
1 Lit (1 ou 2 personnes) Douche et WC TEL  TV     WIFI      65 € / 68 € (140 ou 160) 
1 Lit (1 ou 2 personnes)  Bain et WC     TEL    TV     WIFI        75 €  
2 Lits (2 personnes) Twin Douche et WC TEL  TV     WIFI        79 €  
2 Lits (3 personnes)   Bain et WC  TEL   TV     WIFI           90 €  
Lit Supplémentaire                                        16 €   
En buffet dans la salle petit-déjeuner ou continental en chambre     9€  
Pour un séjour égal ou supérieur à quatre nuits, une réduction de 20 % sur l’hôtel sera consentie si vous prenez tous les petits déjeuners et tous les repas du midi ou du soir dans notre établissement.
For a stay of 4 nights or more, a 20 % discount on the price of the rooms will be granted if all breakfasts and all lunches or dinners are taken in our restaurant.
Parking gratuit, vidéo surveillé, abrité et fermé
Free secure parking, video monitored & locked.
Toute l’équipe de l’Auberge Champenoise et sa Direction se tiennent à votre disposition pour rendre votre séjour le plus agréable possible. The staff and management of the Auberge Champenoise are always at hand to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Katrine and Benjamin Arthozoul are delighted to welcome you, and to introduce you to the Auberge Champenoise, a hotel and restaurant situated in a large, characterful dwelling in Moussy, a small village in the champagne region , just a few minutes from Epernay, the capital of Champagne!



In our Auberge Champenoise at Moussy you’ll find a warm and welcome ambiance. Our reception staff is happy to help in any way possible.
The restaurant of the Auberge Champenoise is most certainly recommended as a good, locally sourced (70% local produce) restaurant, with a lot of local recipes, that will leave you wanting for more.
Our vintage bar is almost as vintage as the barkeeper running it, he is happy to serve you a glass of Champagne or anything else.
We have a soft spot for families with kids, they are truly welcome here and you’ll find an indoors and outdoors playground.

Don’t expect a luxurious hotel when you arrive at our Auberge Champenoise at Moussy (although technically we earned our 3 stars).
We run a simple hotel. Some of our rooms (less than 50%) are rather small and have a built-in bathroom. All the other rooms are more spacious and have a traditional bathroom with shower or bathtub. 
We do also have some family rooms for 4 or 5 persons (or as one big family room or as two connecting rooms).
On the other side of the street we sell the building  to make surnished for rent per week or per month.
Last but most certainly not least: the geographical location.
We are situated in a small village of 800 locals in the heart of the vineyards of the Champagne region and only a heartbeat away from the most prestigious Champagne caves, part of Unesco World Heritage.

In short: we’re an atypical hotel with some may say an ‘ancient’ or ‘museum’ quality. Ant that is why we’re worth every penny.
With our warm reception, our local cuisine and our gorgeous surroundings, you’re sure to find paradise here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email: auberge-champenoise@orange.fr: we prefer personal contact with our clients.
Come and visit us for a real Champagne treat, you deserve it!

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