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68 rue des Prieurés - 51530 Moussy

La Carte

Glass of Champagne – 3 toasts – 2 Oysters 13.50€


Nos Entrées

Duck breast, smoked duck breast, gizzards and Foie Gras 20€

Frozen Melon Balls with Ratafia 12.50€

Cup of Asparagus Mousse with Serrano Ham shavings 12€

Poached egg on bed of Asparagus with muslin sauce 10.50€

6,9 or 12 Cancale Oysters n°2 12€, 17€, 21€

Homemade Foie Gras Terrine with Mango & Banana confit 16.50€

Scottish Salmon Tartine in Gravlax 16€

Snails from the Champagne Region with Garlic herbs 12 €

Pan-fried Gambas skillet blazed with Marc de Champagne 13 €

Starter of the day (not served on weekends) 6.50€

See our salads menu


Nos Poissons

Salmon Steak Champenoise sauce 14€

Salmon steak in plancha 12.50€

Lotte cheek and Lobster in Marmite with Vegetables 27€

Sea Parilladas (grilled fish: salmon gambas swordfish tuna) 21 €

Gambas and scallops Cassolette with grilled bacon on bed of zucchini 19.50€

Sauce Champagne Mussels / Belgian chips 15 €


Nos Viandes

  Beef Tartare prepared by the chef Vincent, Chips, and Salad 15€

  Faux Filet with Wine of our Region 13€

Braised Pork Knuckle caramelized with Alexandre honey 13€

Duck filet with Bigarade (bitter pell orange marinated with Ratafia) 16€

  Beef coast 21€

Veal Grenadin with Morels 18€

  Lamb Brochette marinated with Thyme Flower 16€

  Leg of Lamb with garlic cream 14.50€

Veal head with 2 sauces 15€

Dish of the Day (not served on weekends) 7.50€

Chips 4.50€

Vegetables 4.50€


All our fish and meat dishes are served at your choice: French fries, ratatouille, rice or Steamed Potato – seasonal vegetables
All our dishes are homemade with Fresh products


Nos Fromages

Breaded Goat Cheese from Argonne 7.50€

3 Cheese on Salad 7.50€

4 Cheese on Salad 10.50€


Nos Desserts

Coffee Crème Brûlée 6.50€

Strawberries Frozen Smoothie with Pink Biscuits 6.50€

Baked Alaska with macareated grapes 6.50€

Raspberries Tiramisu 6.50€

Chocolate Profiteroles 7.00€

Strawberries Vacherin 7.00€

Assiette Gourmande 7.00€

Apples & Pears Crumble 7.00€

Grapes sorbet drizzled with Fine of Champagne 4€

White Cheese, Fruits Purée 6€

Dessert of the Day (not served on weekends) 6€

Fruits Basket 6€

See our ice cream menu



It is better to command your dessert and hot cheese in the beginning of your meal.
Taxes and services included.
Just meat and fish are served with vegetables, not the starters (cold & warm).


Katrine en Benjamin Arthozoul heten u hartelijk welkom, en presenteren u met groot plezier “Auberge Champenoise”, Hotel-Restaurant ondergebracht in een ruim en karaktervol pand in Moussy, dorpje tussen de Champagne wijngaarden, op enkele minuten van Epernay, de champagne hoofdstad!


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