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~~Madame, Monsieur, Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

 Suite à votre demande de voyage en Champagne, veuillez trouver ci-dessous nos tarifs groupes pour l’année 2020. Following your request about organizing some stays in « Champagne », please find below our rates for 2020.

Nos chambres (dont 2 PMR) sont équipées de douche ou bain WC, Téléphone, Télévision, wifi GRATUIT. Our rooms ( including 2 for disabled people) have shower or bath, toilet, phone, wifi.
La nuitée avec le petit-déjeuner (en buffet) est à 42 € par personne en chambre double,
43 € par personne pour la chambre twin, 69.50 € pour une chambre single, 37 € par personne en triple, 33 € par personne en quadruple. The B&B (room + buffet breakfast) is 42€ per person in a double room, 43€ per person in a twin bed room, 69.50€ in a single room, 37€ per person in a triple room, 33€ per person in a quadruple room. Notre prix de chambre single est consenti en proportion d’un quart maximum du nombre de chambres doubles. Our price in single room is made in proportion to a quarter of the maximum number of doubles
Ce tarif s’applique à des groupes constitués d’au moins 12 chambres doubles.  Une seule facture sera établie pour l’ensemble du groupe (pas de règlement individuel).Those prices apply to groups of, at least, 12 double rooms. Just one bill for all the group (no individual payment).

Le restaurant a une capacité totale de 300 couverts en salles modulables, plaquette de menus à votre convenance, pour obtenir la demi-pension. The restaurant has a total capacity of 300 seats in modular rooms. Our menus for groups ranging half board.
Une fête, un repas inoubliable : notre DINER DANSANT du samedi soir avec chandelles et animation musicale. Une coupe de Champagne  sera offerte à tous les résidants de l’hôtel pour cette prestation. A party, an unforgettable meal: our dinner dance with candles & orchestra on Saturday evening. A glass of champagne will be offered to all residents of the hotel for this benefit.
Une gratuité est admise pour 25 payants. Nous disposons d’un parking gratuit, vidéo surveillé, abrité et fermé par barrière. A gratuity is allowed for 25 charges. We have a free, covered and closed car park with CCTV.

Nous avons la possibilité de vous organiser des visites de caves: tant chez une grande marque, que chez un viticulteur récoltant des environs (Nous consulter ; certaines sont gratuites et d’autres sont payantes). We can organize visits to champagne caves: both in a great brand as a wine grower in the area (ask us before: some are free & others are paying).

Afin de confirmer votre réservation, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir nous verser des arrhes de 30%. To confirm your booking, we ask you to pay us a deposit of 30%

Nous restons à votre disposition pour de plus amples renseignements. We remain at your disposal for further information.                               
   Katrine et Benjamin ARTHOZOUL

Katrine and Benjamin Arthozoul are delighted to welcome you, and to introduce you to the Auberge Champenoise, a hotel and restaurant situated in a large, characterful dwelling in Moussy, a small village in the champagne region , just a few minutes from Epernay, the capital of Champagne!



In our Auberge Champenoise at Moussy you’ll find a warm and welcome ambiance. Our reception staff is happy to help in any way possible.
The restaurant of the Auberge Champenoise is most certainly recommended as a good, locally sourced (70% local produce) restaurant, with a lot of local recipes, that will leave you wanting for more.
Our vintage bar is almost as vintage as the barkeeper running it, he is happy to serve you a glass of Champagne or anything else.
We have a soft spot for families with kids, they are truly welcome here and you’ll find an indoors and outdoors playground.

Don’t expect a luxurious hotel when you arrive at our Auberge Champenoise at Moussy (although technically we earned our 3 stars).
We run a simple hotel. Some of our rooms (less than 50%) are rather small and have a built-in bathroom. All the other rooms are more spacious and have a traditional bathroom with shower or bathtub. 
We do also have some family rooms for 4 or 5 persons (or as one big family room or as two connecting rooms).
On the other side of the street we sell the building  to make surnished for rent per week or per month.
Last but most certainly not least: the geographical location.
We are situated in a small village of 800 locals in the heart of the vineyards of the Champagne region and only a heartbeat away from the most prestigious Champagne caves, part of Unesco World Heritage.

In short: we’re an atypical hotel with some may say an ‘ancient’ or ‘museum’ quality. Ant that is why we’re worth every penny.
With our warm reception, our local cuisine and our gorgeous surroundings, you’re sure to find paradise here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email: auberge-champenoise@orange.fr: we prefer personal contact with our clients.
Come and visit us for a real Champagne treat, you deserve it!

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