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L'auberge Champenoise
L'auberge Champenoise
L'auberge Champenoise

Our History


Once upon a time, there was a young couple...

Léonie and René Chamberlin were married, and had three children: René, Leone and Eliane.

1914 : war broke out, and all able-bodied men were called up; René Chamberlin (father) left Moussy for the Front. In the first days, he fell under the enemy's bullets. A war widow, Léonie was assigned a bar and tobacconist, which she ran alone, with the help of her children...

1940 : Justin Arthozoul, from the Aude, a regular soldier on manoeuvres in Pierry, fell in love at first sight with Eliane ... they married in 1948, and from their union, Benjamin was born.

1956 : after 22 years under the flag, Justin became a café and hotel proprietor, and named it 'The Provencal’. He modernised the café, added four rooms with hot water to the two already existing, above a banqueting room, and organised special meals to order for weddings, baptisms, communions...

… from which Benjamin found his vocation, going to catering college in 1963, graduating as a cook in 1967, and also as a waiter. He went to work in various houses until 1971, including Les Ardennes at Chalons sur Marne, in Menton, at the Relais in Sillery, in the station buffet...

1971 : the Provencal had grown to 21 rooms, including two apartments and eight rooms acquired by purchasing the building opposite the café. Benjamin took over the ovens, and continued to develop its regional, family meals.

1981 : the restaurant was created; thirteen new bedrooms and large spacious rooms were constructed to perpetuate the tradition of family meals for wedding, communions and baptisms; the garden was improved with a tennis court; and the establishment became known as the Auberge Champenoise. Benjamin, fascinated by old tools for more than ten years, could exhibit them by creating his museum, an exhibition gallery in the Restaurant.

1988 : the restaurant expanded, located in a covered terrace overlooking the tennis court and children's playground.

1990 : Benjamin married Katrine Casters, who helped him decorate, and made him want to continue to develop the establishment. Katrine had two children from her first marriage, Julien and Jeremy. Benjamin had a son, Nicolas.

1995 : the hotel prospered; a new building was constructed with 24 new bedrooms, a new kitchen, and an approved caterer. A few years later, the reception area was turned into a welcoming area and bar, for relaxing over a drink.

The establishment now has 55 rooms, all equipped with bath or shower and WC, Canal + and satellite, hairdryers...


Katrine and Benjamin ARTHOZOUL

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